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Our software suite is a fast growing Web Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolbox that radically accelerates your development for the J2EE architecture without additional Java programming.

"Probably the largest collection of custom JSP tags" (Coldbeans Software)

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(FLT-88) Billing Filter
Billing Filter ver. 1.5

This is a Java servlet filter (as per Servlet API 2.3). This filter lets you calculate resource usage statistics for your users. BillingFilter counts for the each session three parameters: how many requests have been proceeded, how many bytes have been transferred to user and how many milliseconds of processor time have been spend for those requests. So you may use this filter for some billing system, especially for some wireless applications.

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(SRV-76) Moved permanently servlet
Moved permanently servlet 1.1

It is a Java servlet lets you perform HTTP redirection with code 301 (permanently moved). E.g. you are moving your site (application) to the new location and need to redirect old requests. Using response.sendRedirect produces only HTTP status code 302 which is temporarily moved where this tool lets you indicate a permanently moved resource.
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(FLT-144) SMS Gateway
SMS gateway ver. 1.1

This application is a small SMS gateway. Gateway lets you read incoming SMS messages from GSM modem and save them in XML files for the future processing. As GSM modem you can use your GSM phone connected to computer via data cable.

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(JSP-388) To Ajax preparation
Ajax preparation taglib ver. 1.1

    Custom JSP taglib lets you present tag's body as XML data. This taglib lets you reuse the existing content in your Ajax applications for example. Tag presents own body as XML CDATA content, so your JavaScript XML parser will be able to extract HTML code wrapped by XML tags. For example, suppose your Ajax application needs to obtain HTML content prepared by JSP file and use this content for the updating some div block (via innerHtml property).

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